Best Mini Zen Garden Kit

Mini zen garden kit is an easy way to get started on the hobby of zen gardening. These kits include everything that is needed for your own desktop mini zen garden. We have reviewed over 15 products and chose the best ones to present here.

Best mini zen garden kit for desktop

Building a mini zen garden is a creative process. What you want to include in your garden, must fit your desires and personality. A mini zen garden kit for desktop includes the basic elements that construct this place of relaxation and is a great way to start your new hobby or give as a gift. You can always expand the kit by buying ornaments like statues, waterfalls and other decorative features or figurines.

Toysmith Mini Zen Garden

The Toysmith mini zen garden is an affordable option. It’s very small and ideal for small desktop spaces. And that’s exactly what I like about this product – it fits perfectly everywhere. I have one in my bathroom with some flowers behind it, one on a tiny table on a hallway and two on my living room window sills.

Contains: base, white sand, river rocks, three small figurines and a rake

Size: 4″ x 3″

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Toysmith Mini Zen Garden Deluxe

Compared to the standard version, the Toysmith mini zen garden deluxe is double in size, comes with higher quality sand and more accessories. The package also includes a 64-page long meditation booklet which explains how to use your mini zen garden properly and give you additional ideas.

Because of the booklet and because the packaging is very appealing, this is my favorite product to buy as a present.

Contains: base, white sand, river rocks, two small figurines and three different kinds of rakes

Size: 9″ x 9″

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ICNBUYS Zen Garden

We bought 17 kits in total to test them and this is by far my favorite. The base is large so you have lots of room for your creativity. The decorations fit well together and give many possibilities for expansion. I, for example, bought blue sand to make a river and put the bridge on top of it.

Contains: wood base, sand, bridge, tress and figurines, two rakes and a sand pen.

Size: 9.4″ diameter

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Himalayan Pink Salt Zen Garden

This seemed very intriguing when I ordered it, because I adore the ambiance of Himalayan salt lamps. It didn’t let me down! The base is actually powered by an USB cord and when you turn the product on, the whole mini zen garden starts glowing. The base could be made of better wood and the rake included is super cheap. But hey, it’s not an expensive product and the salt rocks more than make up for it. Strongly recommend. This is also a very good gift idea because of the uniqueness.

Contains: wood base, sand, three salt rocks, and a rake.

Size: 8″ x 8″

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Nature’s Mark Mini Zen Garden Sea Life, A Day at The Ocean

This sea life themed mini zen garden kit is not following the traditional style of mini zen gardens. But the change is more than welcome. It gives off a different kind of ambiance, that is calming and relaxed, like the humming of the ocean. This could have special meaning to those who long for the ocean and sea.

Size: 8.” x 5.”

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What to do after you have your mini zen garden kit?

All of the kits reviewed include everything you need for a mini zen garden. The basic elements are a wooden base, fine sand and a rake to make patterns on the sand. Some of them also include rocks and various ornaments.

A mini zen garden is your personal space on a desktop. It’s a place of relaxation.

Zen garden mini kits are expandable. If you purchase a good kit, you can pick pebbles from the beach, purchase different colored sand, buy air plants, bonsai trees and various ornaments to make your mini zen garden speak more clearly to you.