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Best Mini Zen Garden Rake

A good quality mini zen garden rake is extremely important while using a mini zen garden. The whole process should be relaxing and peaceful and nothing disrupts the mind more than a broken tool. The fine sand can also be tricky to manage if the rake is poorly made. To create beautifully made patterns on your desktop zen garden, you also need a beautifully made rake.

In addition to rakes, you can buy even more different mini zen garden tools, such as sand stamps, to create more creative and different patterns. With good quality miniature zen garden rakes and stamps it’s easy to create beautiful patterns into the sand.

There are various different options available. You can get just a single rake or buy rakes in sets. There are also a rake sets that includes different rakes, stamps and other mini zen garden tools. We have gathered here four best mini rake for zen garden and best mini zen garden stamps.

BangBangDa Mini Zen Garden Rake Set (15 pieces)

We tested almost twenty different rake sets and BangBangDa set was definitely the best quality. The set includes total of 15 pieces of accessories: six pieces of different shaped rakes, spinning rake for circle patterns, sand smoothing push rake, drawing stylys, sand brush, sand spoon and rakes holder. In addition to these, the set includes 3 figurines, turtle, tower and zen fountain, and three mosses. This is definitely all-the-way set for miniature zen garden.

With smoothing push rake I could erase patterns easily and flatten the sand so it’s ready for new creative patterns. Drawing stylus is very useful when I wanted to draw freehand patterns and let my creativity really flow. In addition, I found that sand brush was a crucial item to have, because the sand often messed the edges of the mini zen garden container. With the small brush it was easy to brush all the sand back to the container. Other extremely useful item was the sand spoon. Beautiful wooden spoon helped to add more sand to the container without messing the whole garden. Another very useful item was natural bamboo rakes holder. With this I could store my rakes in well organized and beautiful way. All of these mini zen garden tools are very useful and fun to use.

The rakes are made of natural bamboo and they are high quality. They don’t brake easily and they aren’t wobbly. This miniature zen garden rake set was definitely my favorite. Money well spent!


bending teeth rake
traditional fout teeth rake
triangle shape teeth rake
spinning rake for circular design
pushing sand rake for erasing designs
drawing stylus for freeform designs
3pcs moss
sand spoon
sand brush
cute turtle
zen fountain
Bamboo rake holder

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BangBangDa Mini Zen Garden Rake (6 pieces)

This set of 6 mini zen garden rakes is made of natural bamboo. These 15cm (5.5inch) long rakes are the perfect size for any mini tabletop zen garden. The set includes 3 traditional four-tooth rakes for creating waves, paths, and different patterns in the sand, and 3 spinning rakes for circular and semi-circle designs, making it perfect for enjoying your sand tray garden with friends. The set comes with a storage box to keep your rakes organized when not in use. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your zen garden experience!

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COCORO Mini Zen Garden Stamps (8 pieces)

We tested eight different stamp collections for desktop zen garden and COCORO had the best quality stamps. The stamps are sturdy made and not too fragile. The designs shows well in both fine sand and more grain sand. Also, the stamps come in a compact size which work well in both small and large mini zen gardens.

Unique designs are a huge plus. I really enjoyed creating different flowery patterns with these stamps. The stamps are beautifully crafted and they are easy to use. On top of that, they come in very pleasant and beautiful packaging.

Contains: 1 x Swirl, 1 x Ocean Waves, 1 x Parallel Crosses, 1 x Rings, 1 x Chrysanthemum, 1 x Plum Blossom, 1 x Red Leaf, and 1 x Cherry Blossom.

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BangBangDa Mini Zen Garden Accessories

This is a great bundle if you are in need of both rakes and stamps.

These bamboo rakes are very high quality and they didn’t brake while I used them. Rakes are easy to handle and they are well made. I tested the rakes both very fine sand and grainier sand, and they worked very well in both. This set comes in very handy storage box where I could keep my rakes while not using them. All in all, this mini zen garden rake set is great option for those who are looking for very basic, yet good quality, rakes for their mini zen garden.

The stamps are sturdy and great clear patterns.

Contains: 6 rakes + 6 stamps

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Where to buy mini zen garden rake?

There are many sellers on Amazon who sells miniature rakes for mini zen garden and other tools. The most difficult part is to find the high quality sellers. We tested almost twenty different mini zen garden rake sets and sellers. Above are the best options.

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