Mini Zen Garden ASMR

The purpose of zen gardens is to aid you in relaxation and meditation. Using zen gardens, traditionally one has connected oneself with nature through simple acts of caretaking.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a tingling feeling that starts at the top of your head and travel down on your back. It is triggered by certain sounds. The feeling in itself is very relaxing and people seek this feeling to relax themselves.

Combining Zen Gardens and ASMR is a very good match because they both serve somewhat the same purpose. And that’s why there are many ASMR Zen Garden videos being made.

List of best Mini Zen Garden ASMR videos

Watching someone rake the sand of a mini zen garden might be as relaxing and meditative as doing it yourself. Here are the top ASMR Mini Zen Garden videos.

ASMR Surge Raking

In this video you will see the popular ICNBUYS Mini Zen Garden being raked. The video consist of pouring sand, raking different patterns and placing different ornaments such as stones and plants on the sand.

Japanese Stone Garden

This video was filmed in the Netherlands, in Kikiyaya Zen Garden. In this video, Pantau Chan is taking care of her Zen garden. Watching someone else raking slowly and accurately brings out feeling of relaxation and well being in most of us.

Tingting ASMR raking

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation of peaceful movements of sand and stones in this whispered Japanese Zen Garden ASMR.